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Technical Services Sound & Lighting Systems Hampshire

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Click here for more information on the Southsea Show

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Hampshire company Technical Services have been supplying Sound & Lighting Systems in the local Portsmouth and Gosport area and further a field throughout Hampshire since the 1970s. Technical Services, Hampshire can supply sound systems and lighting systems for any event including festivals, fetes, concerts - we provide public address systems for concerts and stage lighting throughout Hampshire.

Never heard of us ? Well probably not heard of - but you will almost certainly have heard us somewhere at sometime. To the organisers it is probably the last thing they think of but the service we provide is absolutely essential to the success of any event.

Take any function or event from the local church fete to major national occasions - what would it be like if you couldn't hear what's going on? If you can hear everything clearly then you probably wouldn't give it a second thought but if you keep missing announcements, or have trouble hearing the music, then it can spoil the whole day for you and you probably feel that it should have been better organised.

We can make the difference between success and failure of your event because at Technical Services, Hampshire we specialise in sound and lighting throughout Hampshire. From a small church fete to a major concert sound system or lighting system, we can provide the complete solution that ensures your event is a success.

Our Services Include:

Outside Public Address systems for all types of event e.g. lighting and sound systems for county & town shows sports
events, equestrian shows, public rallies political meetings, memorial services, motor racing, air shows etc.

Inside Public Address systems - sound and light systems for public meetings conferences, religious gatherings etc.

Sound systems for theatrical productions

Concert sound systems

Stage Lighting

Event power

Two way radios

Staging and theatrical sets

Sales, installation and service

About Technical Services

Technical Services, as originally envisaged by its founder, Julian Kemp, was to be an outside Public Address company.

Its remit was to provide sound equipment for Fetes, Carnivals, Sports Events and the like using 'horns on poles' type Public Address.

Very soon Commentary/Judging Boxes were added to the itinerary. Digital Timing for Equestrian Events soon followed.

At larger shows communications was a problem and Two Way Radio Hire was included in the portfolio.

Enquiries for inside sound gradually increased and so suitable equipment for Public Meetings, School Plays and the like was incorporated into stock. This basic format continued for several years; the size of events increased and consequently the equipment carried on hire stock expanded to keep up.

The next big leap came with the entry into 'music sound equipment' as in concerts, this opened up a whole new world to Technical Services. Over a few short years substantial quantities of Pro Audio started to appear on the stock list and more & more 'Gigs' were recorded in the diary.

So from Church Fetes to Air Shows and School Concerts to Rock Concerts, Technical Services has evolved over its 21 plus years to the position it occupies now.

Call us on 023 9258 8059 to make your event a success!

Technical Services, Unit 5, Quay Lane Industrial Estate, Hardway, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 4LJ

Telephone: 023 9258 8059 - Fax: 023 9258 9556

Mobile: 07831 831801 (Julian) & 07808 349908 (Adam)


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